What is the connection between what we put down our sinks and toilets and the quality of our ponds, rivers, streams and the life they support ?

There are two reasons why we have chosen the frog for our image. Not only are they the iconic image of a healthy habitat in which to breed, the letters spell out  Fat, Rag, Oil and Grease, all of the things we thoughtlessly put down our sinks and toilets.


Eventually, waste pipes will CLOG up and cause sewerage to be forced up through manhole covers. Anyone who has first hand experience of this will know that the smell and mess is not something they would wish to repeat, so it is no wonder our frog looks so miserable.

fat in pipe

More than 3000 homes are flooded each year in the South East due to blockages.

Disposing of FROG items into sinks and toilets makes it more difficult for the water treatment plants to pump the cleanest water possible back into the local river systems. The result is knock on additional costs for us all and unnecessary challenges to the health of our ecosystems. Frogs are an excellent indicator of places that are clean and healthy as they will only spawn where their tadpoles will get the best start.

So what can we do to help ?

It is really quite simple. Be more thoughtful and don’t put things down the sink or toilet just because it is easy to do so.

To take just one example, according to Water Watch it is estimated that :

A staggering two billion sanitary protection and other items are flushed down the toilet each year.

These are the items the Water Companies refer to as Rag

So how should we be disposing of Fat, Rag, Oil and Grease (F.R.O.G.)?

Southern Water are responsible for the cleaning and disposal of waste water in Mid Sussex and they have highlighted to the MSSP the increasing problem of FROG items in the sewers, not just here but throughout the South of England.

There are many simple steps we can take to avoid creating what is an unnecessary problem and Southern Water have launched their appropriately named Pain In The Drain Campaign.

We have produced FROG don’t CLOG stickers  for you to display in relevant areas to act as a reminder.FROG © 2013 Mid Sussex Sustainability Partnership (actual size 95 x 45 mm)


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