The MSSP is committed to delivering projects focusing on the following outcomes:

Mainstreaming sustainability into policy, projects and procurement
To achieve more sustainable outcomes it is important to consider sustainability as part of decision making and planning. This approach is recognised by leading business and government alike. By considering sustainability as a core strategic issue it is possible to achieve better outcomes for all. In practice this means working with Mid Sussex Partnership and other stakeholders to ensure that environmental sustainability is considered in decision-making and activity.

Flourishing and resilient ecosystems unharmed and uncompromised by human activities
Mid Sussex has a significant proportion of nationally recognised and protected landscapes which provide valuable ecosystem services. Protecting and enhancing the capability of ecosystems by minimising environmental harm caused by human activities. Promotion of green infrastructure programmes, climate change adaptation measures, landscape and biodiversity protection and enhancement, ensuring water
quality and availability of water.

One planet’ sized ecological footprint reducing energy water and resource use
The ecological footprint of our District is nearly 6.5 global hectares per person, significantly above the UK average of 5.4. As well as being over the UK average it is nearly 3 times as much as the planet can support. To reduce our footprint to a sustainable level we need to inspire and implement projects and programmes to promote the reduction in energy consumption, water use, waste generation and encourage the sustainable use of resources with regard to environmental limits.

Thriving green economy with green industries and environmentally sound business practices
The Green Economy is the fastest growing area of the economy in these difficult economic times, therefore encouraging the development of local green industries and services is important for future job growth. There are a number of local companies that have shown a strong commitment to improving their environmental performance means this needs to be supported and encouraged.

Communities sharing and inspiring positive environmental change
Communities must be at the heart of change if it is to be sustained. Therefore it is important to provide leadership and inspire innovation across all sectors by sharing experiences and collaborative working.