MSSP (in association with Sussex Wildlife Trust and Millennium Seed Bank Partnership) “Nurturing_Nature – exploring future partnership strategies to enhance and protect biodiversity in the district.” (pdf)




Sustainability Strategy Performance Objectives (2013/2014) (pdf) – West Sussex County Council

Building a Sustainable Future. A strategy for delivering the corporate priority. (pdf) – The West Sussex County Council’s Performance Framework 2011-2014 includes the priority of ‘building a sustainable future’. This commits the County Council to protecting the environment, in particular the reduction of carbon emissions and tackling the threat of climate change by providing leadership within the authority as well as across the County as a whole.

“Eating local, living better.”  – The strategy (pdf) and action plan phase 1 (pdf)phase 2 (pdf) has been developed by the Environment and Climate Change Board food group, drawing on expertise from around West Sussex. The Food group is intended to enable and encourage new thinking around local, seasonal and sustainable food and drink; why it is important to us as individuals and to the West Sussex Economy.


UK’s Carbon Footprint 1997 – 2012 (pdf)

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