Sustainability Groups

Part of the Mid Sussex Sustainability Partnership’s aims is to act as a hub connecting groups that share similar goals and aims.

Mid Sussex Sustainable Community Groups

Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint, Keymer and Ditchling Transition (HKD)

“We are a group of Hassocks, Hurstpierpoint, Keymer and Ditchling residents working to support a community response to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy, building resilience and happiness in the process.”

Cuckfield Local

“We are a group of like-hearted volunteers, living in and around Cuckfield, who believe that the lifestyle changes we make at a local level not only make a real difference to our community, but also contribute to positive global change.”

Transition Town Lewes (TTL)

“TTL is a community response to the challenges of climate change and the end of cheap oil. Since early 2007 hundreds of Lewes people have been getting together to discuss ideas and put them into action. We’ve formed groups around food, energy and waste (to name but a few) with the aim of making Lewes more sustainable and better able to deal with the effects of climate change and depleting oil supplies in the future.”


Sussex Based Environmental Groups

West Sussex Energy & Climate Change Board

“The Environment and Climate Change Board was formed in June 2010. We bring together organisations from all sectors in the County to ensure that this challenge is recognised and addressed in West Sussex.”

Sussex Wildlife Trust

“The aim of the Sussex Wildlife Trust is to conserve the Sussex landscape, wildlife, and its habitats, and to use its knowledge and expertise to help the people of Sussex to enjoy, understand and take action to this end.”

Transition Chichester

“From energy to food, from growing to reskilling, Transistion Chichester is the umbrella group for a wide range of exciting and welcoming groups that focus on every aspect of modern life. A growing group of enthusiastic forward thinking people, keen to promote and embrace change, which helps create a sustainable local environment and a more resilient community.”

Sustainable Sussex Forum (on LinkedIn)


National groups

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)


Friends of the Earth (FOE)

Regional group based in Haywards Heath with regular meetings.



If there are any groups that have been added to the list, please get in contact here.

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