Workshop “Water in Mid Sussex”

Water lies at the heart of the sustainability nexus in Mid Sussex: we need more tap water for our growing population, but rely heavily on rivers for this at a time when rainfall is  unpredictable. We would like to grow more food locally, and we would like to recycle more, rinsing out containers instead of binning them. These are both good reasons to use more water.

So we have a challenge ahead – can we make our existing water resources go further? And if so, how?

To build understanding of our local water resources, and the scope for individual and community action, the MSSP is busy bringing local experts and organisations together to share knowledge and promote local action.

In March 2011 we hosted our first seminar: 

‘Water in Mid Sussex – Protecting from Source’

Speakers were Sally Chadwick from the Environment Agency,  Joe Alfano from Mid Sussex District Council and Lucy Borland for the MSSP.

We would like to thank the Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Sussex Ouse Conservation Society for their important contributions to the success of this event.

All is not well with the quality of our local waterbodies, as Sally Chadwick revealed.

To find out more about volunteering on the Sussex Ouse or Adur, please start at

To help out with Sussex Wildlife Trust, visit  Sussex Wildlife Trust – Volunteering

To find out more about creating and managing ponds: see the Million Pond Project

To see river water quality reports for your  area, please visit the Environment Agency

website: and click on Go straight to the maps.

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